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Have you tried “If This, Then That” Yet?

A very geeky setup. lets you link services through APIs to talk to one another. One example I am currently using is when GBR win a medal it will alert me by email. But to can set it inform you through other channels such as SMS too. I’ll be posting more IFTTT Recipes in the future. If you use it already, what’s your favourite recipe?

Team Olympic Bronze for GB Men’s Gymnasts – Well done!

Ollie Williams:

The importance of a medal to the sport in Britain, regardless of colour, cannot be overstated. No GB men’s team has previously come close to a result of this magnitude in the modern sport.

Louis Smith, Sam Oldham, Kristian Thomas, Max Whitlock and Dan Purvis sealed GB men’s first Olympic team medal since a bronze in 1912.

This is an amazing achievement for Team GB. Louis Smith’s coach, Paul Hall, used to be one of my coaches when I trained over 15 years ago. I feel so happy for the gymnasts, their families and the back room staff. As some of the papers are reporting this morning, British Gymnastics will be propelled into the limelight from now on. Now it’s the GB Women’s turn and we also have the individual finals to look forward to!

iPhone 4/4S was designed in 2005

Some very interesting documents are being released ahead of the patent trial between Apple and Samsung. ┬áIt’s amazing to see some insights into Sir Jony Ive’s design process. To think that Apple had the iPhone 4 and 4S hardware prototype 5 years before it was released. Perhaps Apple have the iPhone that will be released in 2017 sitting in their design studio right now. Wonder what that would look like…

Apple chip designer Arm Holdings profits boost

Arm Holdings, the UK company behind the computer chip technology powering Apple’s iPhone and iPad, has reported a 23% boost to second-quarter profits.

It’s good being at the heart of all smartphone devices. Especially when this market just keeps growing year on year. I wonder if Arm are working on chip implants one the smartphone market gets saturated.

Facebook App: Relegated

Malcolm Barclay interviewed by the BBC

The existing app suffers from endless loading, refresh problems and feels more like using a website from the late 90’s. To put it another way, it is like listening to a transistor radio.

I think it’s more like carrier pigeon. Recently I have moved the Facebook App from my homescreeen to my trash can.