Monthly Archives: April 2012

Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google


Have to say that the new Google+ redesign is attractive and simple. First impressions are tempting me to give it another go but it’s a real shame that I know that I will play with it, the honeymoon period will end shortly (probably after a day) and then I won’t use it again. The problem is that I don’t have the time or incentive to manage my Social Media content across more than a handful of places. Currently it’s Facebook,  Twitter and my Blog. So how can Google break into my elite group of 3? What killer feature will tempt me to switch.

The problem is that it may not be a killer feature… it’s actually the fundamentals of social media… “People have the Power” and “The People” are currently on Facebook and Twitter. My Blog is more of a diary of thing that I like but not necessarily things that my friends like but I like to keep a record of things that I discover online. But self-promotion and the need to be needed are core human behaviours… and being on Google+ would feel contradictory (because hardly any of my friends use Google+).

This doesn’t mean that Facebook and Twitter (or my Blog in fact) can be complacent. Nothing is taken for granted and I feel that Facebook especially are stagnating with releasing new and useful features. This could turn into a Flickr scenario as 500px starts to convert users to their own full featured product.

UK ‘to announce’ real-time phone, email, Web traffic monitoring


UK government plans to allow the intelligence services analyse call, email and Web traffic in “real-time” could be announced by the Queen as early as May

Repeat of a similar CCTV law being passed in the UK but instead for communications data via the Internet now having being routed through to GCHQ. The Free the Network movement sounds much more appealing now…