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Begin your quest with Google Maps 8-bit for NES


We’re constantly making improvements to Google Maps in order to take advantage of better hardware and web standards.

A clever April Fools product by Google. Google Maps 8-bit for the original NES will be available from a Google Store near you very soon!. Link from Adventures of Zelda would have been very jealous…

John Carter flop to cost Walt Disney $200m


Walt Disney has said it expects to lose $200m (Ā£126m) on its movie John Carter, making it one of the biggest flops in cinema history.

Oh man… It’s hurts when you land the biggest movie flop (and largest loss) of all time but you also need to think how someone’s credibility can go from hero to zero in one moment. Especially when we’re talking about people from the likes of Pixar (or Apple). Was it really all Andrew Stanton’s fault or was he misguided? Would be good to get his perspective on what happened.

Duolingo | Learn English, Spanish and German for free


With Duolingo you learn a language for free,
and simultaneously translate the Web.

Learn a language for free? Sounds like a good idea but from what I’ve seen so far it teaches you to read and write specific words and set sentences. What about punctuation, grammar, constructing sentences and most importantly speaking and listening??? I’ve signed up for the beta so will see how it goes if I get to use it!

Apple to pay dividend and buy back stock


Apple Inc said it plans to pay a quarterly dividend of $2.65 per share and authorized a $10 billion stock buyback program to be carried out over three years.

After 17 years, Apple have once again started to pay back dividends to it’s shareholders. What I’m not clear about is that Apple will be paying $2.65 per share quarterly. Does that mean they will be paying $2.65 four times a year? I wonder how long this will last? If this is true and after doing some rough calculations… If you had more than 2500 Apple shares then it’s a pretty good yearly wage… šŸ™‚

Virgin Media wins London Underground wi-fi contract


The firm said it intended to introduce wi-fi to 80 stations by the summer, and by up to 120 stations by the end of the year.

Available in the tube stations and platforms but not through the tunnels. Available from July as a paid service and will be free during the Olympics. Virgin Broadband and Mobile customers will get it included as pars of their subscription.

Wonder what they are using to provide the network? Must be quite simple if London Underground staff will be installing them… I can’t see it being Virgin Media’s Cable service or their piggy back network. It just could handle so many concurrent users and the bandwidth would be just too slow

PC to Mac or Mac to PC: Have You Changed?


Daring Fireball directed me to an interesting video of a first time experience using OS X on the Mac.

From this video, Apple looks like they are heading in the right direction with their strategy of “Put more effort to getting people to use iOS devices and then it will be easier for them to transition to OS X”. The old trojan horse technique.

There will always be an alternative to OS X. Especially when there are so many Windows users in the business world and cheaper alternatives. I’m a Mac AND Windows user at home and work and it’s seems to work for me. That’s because I work in an OS agnostic world where I (mainly) carry out tasks based on the applications that work on both OSs.

My Dad however does use a PC at work some he can make one choice. He recently made the jump to back to the Mac (he also has an iPhone and planning to get the New iPad) and before this I used to have to desktop share his Windows PC to help “fix” things on a weekly basis. Now, it’s less than twice a year… Apple must be doing something right. Now my mum would be the perfect person to do a similar “experiment” as depicted on the video. She has had very little experience with a computer or smartphone at all, let alone Windows or PC! Think I’ll take Apple’s strategy and introduce here to iOS first!

P.S. Mum… Don’t worry. I’m not really going use you as a bunny rabbit!

Apple: New iPad Arrives in the US & Nine Additional Countries on Friday 8.00am


AppleĀ® today announced the new iPadĀ®, the third generation of its category defining mobile device, will arrive at Appleā€™s retail stores and the Apple Online Store ( on Friday, March 16 at 8:00 a.m. local time in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK; along with Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Countdown begins… sleeping bags at the ready.